Management reporting scan

Reporting Insight identifies that many organizations experience the ambition to optimize their management reporting activities in terms of content and efficiency. Only some organizations are able to put this improvement into action and engage in structural improvements. Often the operational work pressure is high and managers don’t know where to begin. The Nolan Norton Model is a model which could help in mapping the current reporting process. This model analyses the reporting process via the following areas:

  • Management & Organization
  • IT & Infrastructure
  • People and culture
  • Processes

Reporting Insight is able to execute a scan along the axis of the Nolan Norton Model in collaboration with its client. By interviewing the employees, internal analysis of current reports and assessment of the reporting systems, we will outline and describe the several bottlenecks within the reporting process. Together with the client, we will determine which critical bottlenecks will be reviewed during the scan, in order to reach substantial improvement during a relatively short lead time.

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