Eline Oude Munnink

Eline Oude Munnink, 25 years' old, is one of our consultants. During her bachelor Business Administration at the University of Groningen, she specialized herself in finance and psychology. Psychology due to her interest in how people work, how they think and how they react. Finance because she likes to obtain insight in how businesses and projects run through calculations. With masters in Marketing and International Business & Management Eline has a broad background, which she puts in practice in areas like recruitment, marketing and sales at Reporting Insight.
A personal approach, critical thinking and matching people to organisations based on more aspects than only their hard skills, characterize Eline. During her study she worked as a first degree trainer in Economics and Management & Organization across the country for Lyceo Netherlands. Moreover she worked as a barkeeper at &ZO Nightlife in Groningen. In short: Eline is not a couch potato.
In her spare time she likes to organize things with her friends, to go out in the vicinity of her hometown Den Haag or she hits the gym.
Interested in what Eline can do for you? Don't hesitate to contact her!