Joep Martens


Joep Martens joined the team of Reporting Insight in September as consultant. He has a background in the hotel industry, where he used to work on the Revenue Management department. Over time he has developed strong analytical and communication skills and profound knowledge of Excel (VBA). He enjoys finding solutions to operational and strategic questions. At the moment, Joep works at GoodLife food for 2 solid days a week. Here Joep has developed a tool to improve and simplify the invoice process of GoodLife. His tool can be used to gain a deeper understanding of the process, with the help of a dashboard. The process was mapped and communicated within the organisation.

In his free time, Joep likes to play squash or take a bootcamp lesson. Also, he spends a lot of his free Saturdays at festivals, or in the City to have some bites and drinks with his friends. Contact Joep to hear what he can do for your organization.