Julia Robeerst

Junior Consultant

Julia Robeerst, is 23 and lives in Tilburg. She started at Reporting Insight in September as Junior Consultant, after graduating her masters in Human Resource Studies at the Tilburg University. Prior to her masters, she studied Leisure & Event Management. During her studies, Julia specialised in change management and team diversity. Thanks to her many years of working in hospitality, her interest in the motivation of organisations and people to change and her eye for diversity, she has developed the ability to connect and build bridges. Julia always tries to raise the level of organisations and of people, with a strong focus on the match with personal wishes and ambition. Currently Julia has a supportive role within our team, however we expect her to quickly grow towards a fully-fledged consultant.

Julia likes to spend time with her friends and family and enjoys the vibrant life of Brabant. Do not hesitate to contact Julia, to see what she can do for you or your organization.