Michel Büchner

Michel Büchner lives in Hoofddorp and works closely together with Reporting Insight as an associate partner. Michel studied Economics (International Marketing Management program) at the University of Applied Sciences INHOLLAND. During this period, Michel took part in an international exchange program in Toronto, Canada. While Michel was employed at Oxxio, he also finished a MSc in Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam.

It is no coincidence Michel’s expertise is ‘pricing’, since adding value is his credo. Michel fulfilled several pricing roles for organizations like Ingenico, PostNL and Essent.

As an entrepreneur, Michel has started a software company, which he sold a couple of years ago. Thereafter, he started helping SME’s with Office solutions, mainly focused on Excel. Nowadays, Michel is working as an interim manager, specialized in pricing, commercial control and senior financial management, constantly focusing on increasing the value of the company.

In his spare time Michel enjoys good coffee (preferably in the sun), spending time with his kids, motorcycling, playing guitar and visiting music festivals.

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