ExpertExcel from Michel Buchner is a new collaboration partner of Reporting Insight. Michel is a specialist in the field of smart Excel solutions, Microsoft Power BI and other Reporting and BI Tools. Tools, solutions that should give the CFO and management more insight to be able to manage better and make better decisions. Operational, tactical and strategic. Together we carry out advisory processes, we offer project management and we organize the tools with accompanying reports and we ensure an adequate transfer. Accessible, fast and result-oriented. As you are used to from us.

Joust young professionals is a company in Utrecht which connects higher educated starters to jobs at differential assigners active in the field of excellence of business management, IT, and finance & control. Joust offers customized traineeships; supports assigners on a temporary basis; is flexible in executing sizeable projects; and delivers recruitment & selection services. Joust makes sure starters feel good within an organization, develop themselves in their discipline and thereby contribute to the success of their assigner. This approach requires craftsmanship. Joust works together with Reporting insight in order to assure the right guidance, trainings linking to the subject matter and enough personal attention for the starters.

Bart Vink is specialized in the executive search of sales –and ICT professionals for divergent, both profit and non-profit, assigners. Bart worked at differential IT-companies, in several sales positions, for over 12 years. Some former employers are Inter Acces, CSC and Logica. Bart developed a strong network during this period. In 2009 he started Bart Vink & Partners and ever since the network of sales-and ICT professionals keeps on growing every day.