ALDA Events


ALDA events is a worldwide operating firm that organizes dance events and festivals. Their goal is to 'tell stories through music, to escape reality and to create positive vibes'.


In 2017, the management of ALDA Events needed an interim solution for the position of Finance Manager in Hamburg, Germany. This position was successfully filled in by one of our interim managers, Edwin Castricum. Three months later, Edwin was asked to join ALDA events permanently and become CFO for the ALDA Events Group.

Edwin accepted the offer and made Reporting Insight his preferred and exclusive supplier of finance professionals. The first assignment was to recruit a Project Controller to strenghten the current finance team and improve quality. We introduced four qualified candidates and they all had their interview with ALDA during the same morning. After this first round of interviews, supported by two positive reference checks carried out by Reporting Insight, Edwin already decided to hire Jorn van Dijk for this position, skipping the second round of interviews. A perfect example of how we like to work: by putting effort in getting to know both our clients and our candidates, we are able to manage a solid and efficient recruitment process leading to the right match. We're very pleased to name ALDA Events as one of our key clients and will continue to put effort in maintaining and building this relationship.


Edwin Castricum, CFO