Anouk de Haan - Senior Reporting Analyst (Vesteda)

‘I would like to thank Reporting Insight for their effort and trust, to introduce me to Vesteda. Experienced the interview with Dennis as the best of all recruiters I have spoken with. It was very pleasant for once to be understood when talking about Finance, especially since I am so enthusiastic about Excel. I have noticed that a lot of recruiters lack the knowledge and experience that is needed to understand the full conversation and ask the right questions. I consider my next step at Vesteda as an investment in myself and a new challenge. Thank you for the time and energy with eventually a great match as result!’

Laurens van 't Hoog - Senior Manager Operational Performance (Randstad Global IT Solutions)

‘From the very first moment of contact until the signing of the papers at my new employer, Eline and Dennis supported me to its full extend. This contributed to the success of the entire selection procedure. I was not only well prepared for every interview, but I have also received solid advice during the selecting procedure and the contract negotiations. This helped me to feel comfortable and at ease during the selection procedure, and it also made me realize that I can always ask them for advice in the future. In short: optimal collaboration and a great result!’

Richard van de Ven - Financial Controller (The Creative Group)

‘My name is Richard van de Ven, a financial controller with over 15 years of experience. My previous position was within a family business, where is missed the challenge and drive. Thanks to the mediation of Reporting Insight, I have started working on the 1st of November as Financial Controller with the Creative Group in Nijmegen. The Creative Group is a young and dynamic company. Thanks to the involvement of Reporting Insight, especially of Caroline Vogelsang, I have started with great enthusiasm at the Creative Group after a number of good interviews. Even after my first weeks, I have been in contact with Reporting Insight, in order to maintain the successful relationship.

Jorn van Dijk - Project Controller (Alda Events)

‘Reporting Insight is one of few organisations, that approached me in a personal and open manner. The room that was left open for personal development, the counselling of Eline during the selection procedure and the extensive network of Reporting Insight, have helped me to find exactly what I was looking for.’

Adem Karadirek - Assistent Business Controller (Ernst & Young)

‘I would like to thank Reporting Insight for their trust in selecting me for and introducing me to Ernst & Young. I have experience the intake with Dennis and Eline as very positive. Reporting Insight is a true specialist in recruitment. The professional counselling of Eline has contributed to the success of my selection procedure'.

Nasra Bashir - Business Analyst A.I. (CYCAS Hospitality Management)

‘Eline helped me in a professional manner. She asked personal questions, before discussing the position at hand, which was very refreshing. Our conversations were always pleasant and to the point. This way she helped me with acquiring a great position with Cycas Hotel Management, as Business Analyst a.i.’

Gonnie Levy - Tuurenhout - Reporting Analyst (Ordina)

‘I already knew Dennis before he started with Reporting Insight. The contact with him has always been pleasant, which was the reason for me to call him when I was looking for a new step in my career. At the time Reporting Insight had multiple different job offers that matched my interests. During the intake, they asked thoroughly about what I was looking and for and what really drives me. Questions that are not very simple to answer for someone whose job is not limited to one field, but found at the crossing of two (a financial and a business analyst). They manage to find a match between what the company is looking for, was well as what you are looking for, whilst being transparent about the potential drawbacks. This helped me choose a position that was a bit beyond what I had envisioned, but which suits very well with my personality and interests. Also the counselling leading up to the interviews and the aftercare is very extensive. All in all it was a great match, I can recommend everybody to sit down with them!

Thomas - CFO - (ITON)

‘The great feeling about Reporting Insight has been present from the very first moment of contact and never left. The contact I had with Eline and Dennis has been and still is pleasant. It feels good to talk to people that are genuinely interested in what you have to say, and who have knowledge of finance, the position at hand and the organisation.’

Matthieu Meurnier - CFO (Schneider Electric NL)

I am very satisfied about the program contents and the output. Reporting Insight took a professional approach by taking various aspects - soft skills, team building, market trends - into consideration. I would like to thank Dennis and Emma Louise for their commitment and personal contribution making this workshop a great success.

Acta Marine

´Reporting Insight helps us gaining more insight and acquiring a better grip on our numbers, to optimize our steering capabilities and force the organization towards looking more ahead.’


’Reporting Insight continually and actively thought along with Chemtura during the preparation and execution of the assignment, in order to accomplish it successfully and on a short term.’

Van der Wiel Bouw

‘The deployment of Reporting Insight has resulted in to an approved statement of the accountant.’

Parteon Woningcorporatie

‘Our new quarterly report is finally realized with a turnaround time of only 5 weeks'.



'Pleased about the procedure and outcome, would definitely cooperate with Reporting Insight again'.