Learning & development

Continu leren en jezelf uitdagen is een absolute must voor iedere financial. Zowel voor een startende financial als een senior met 20+ jaar werkervaring. Je wilt jezelf immers blijven uitdagen en ontwikkelen en relevant blijven voor de arbeidsmarkt. Onze missie is om klant én kandidaat te inspireren en te ontzorgen, ook op het gebied van persoonlijke- en teamontwikkeling. Reporting Insight biedt voor financials trainingen en workshops aan. Zowel in-house als op maat.

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Communication & “Sell” your message

  • Team training using DISC method

Why are some people flexible and others attached to procedures? Why do some people resist change while others are looking for it? In order to work and communicate effectively as a finance team, you need to have insight in your own behavior and that of your colleagues. As a financial, you can become more successful in your work if you have insight into your preferences in behavior and properly align them with the people you work with. By making a short personality test (DISC), you will discover the different behavioral types in your team, including your own, and how you and your colleagues complement each other. By getting to know each other better you will be able to establish understanding and mutual respect, and improve the communication within your team.

Duration:1 day
Costs: €650,-

  • Sell your idea

Presenting is a skill that few financials have mastered. As a result, too many good ideas are lost. This inspiration session introduces a new way of presenting. With our 9 tools, you as finance professional will learn how to bond with the audience and make sure they remember you. When you are selling your advice and ideas, this is the only effective starting point. Are you ready to be remembered?

Duration: 1/2 day
Costs: €395,-

  • Story telling

Nowadays we are inundated with facts and figures, so much so that we seem to have lost the ability of direct person to person communication. Would you as a financial like to engage people? Give them a sense of direction and meaning using your financial information? Then tell a good story! Learn storytelling techniques from a professional storyteller – and learn the essential stories every financial needs.

Duration: 1/2 day
Costs: €395,-


  • Power BI Essentials

This training is for anyone who wants to learn about self-service business intelligence with Power BI – regardless of technical or analytical background.  You will be able to use all key features in order to effectively analyse your data, create interactive reports and share your findings throughout your organization.

Duration: 1 day Costs: €475,-

  • Excel – Basic

This Excel program is tailored by and for financials. You will learn how Excel will do most of the work for you. After which you can spend your valuable time in building and optimizing dashboards providing the insights in a glance. Read more.

Duration: 1 day Costs: €295,-

  • Excel – Advanced

Advanced Excel trains you to create powerful data analyses and comprehensive data models. You can create your own data model via a collection of tables and link them together. Read more.

Duration: 1 day Costs: €395,-

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