Transfer Pricing seminar EY

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Caroline attended a Transfer Pricing seminar of EY on the 5th of November. Digital transformation and the role of Finance in this respect were discussed.

Interesting learnings:

  • From a Transfer Pricing perspective, Finance is normally seen as a cost plus activity, a “routine”. With increasing digitalization, the question becomes: how does finance/digital insights add value to the supply chain?
  • From a tax perspective: what is the position of the actual management when your operating model is data driven? 
  • For a digitized operating model, the following developments are relevant for Finance in every industry: Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.
  • Ask yourself: how is your current operating model affected by digital disruption? And what is the current maturity of the digitized business?
  • Client information is data, therefore: strengthen the relationships with your clients. This allows you to act faster in the supply chain because you have valuable information about the end user.